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Straightforward Pricing
Quality Tenants
Maximum Profit



50% Placement Fee

$149 Lease Renewals

No Tenant, No Fees

30 Days Cancellation




25% Placement Fee

$99 Lease Renewals

No Tenant, No Fees

30 Days Cancellation

Eviction Protection

Most Popular



No Placement Fee

No Renewal Fee

No Tenant, No Fees

30 Days Cancellation

Eviction Protection

Preventive Maintenance

Best Value

30 Day Commitment

We are committed to securing a quality tenant for your rent-ready home within the first month.

No Tenant, No Fees

You pay no fees unless your home is occupied. Period.

24/7 Reliability

We handle it all. From having staff who are always on call to preventive maintenance, we go the extra mile to protect your investment.

Cutting Edge Tech

Data at your fingertips. Our Owner App brings real-time connectivity and transparency — all in one place.


Quality Maintenance

As your full-service property management company, we facilitate all tenant maintenance requests. Our trusted partners for plumbing, repairs, and more will take care of any issues promptly and accurately. We also offer a HVAC Filter Program which delivers a new HVAC filter to your tenant's doorstep every three months. Additional maintenance services include:

Damage Protection

Accidents happen...but with our Damage Protection Service, you can rest easy knowing your property is covered and protected at all times.


Enhanced Tenant Services

Let us think about all of your home's details so you don't have to. From our HVAC Filter Program and Liability Insurance to our Move in Video & Checklists, and Accelerated Deposit Return, there are a number of add-ons we offer to give you a hands-off management experience.


Preventative Maintenance Program

We want to help you protect your real estate investment, so we'll fix the little things before they become a big problem.



We own a leading house cleaning service. So we can provide you and your tenants with an incredible option to keep your property sparkly clean.


Property Inspections

No need to worry about whether the tenant is taking care of your home. Our Inspection Program and in-depth reports will help put your mind at ease.

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