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How to Handle Emergency Repairs: A Guide for Property Managers

Property management is inherently challenging, with emergency repairs standing as one of the most demanding aspects. Whether it's a burst pipe in the middle of the night or a broken heating system during a cold snap, the way these emergencies are handled can significantly affect tenant satisfaction and the maintenance of the property. This guide will outline practical steps property managers can take to manage such crises effectively.

Establishing an Emergency Protocol

1. Define What Constitutes an Emergency: Clear definitions help streamline processes. Typically, emergencies are situations that pose a threat to property, a tenant's health, or safety. This includes major plumbing leaks, electrical faults that present a fire risk, and heating failures in extremely cold weather.

2. Educate Tenants: At the start of their tenancy, provide tenants with a handbook that details how to handle emergencies, including whom to contact and steps to follow. Regular reminders through emails or newsletters can help keep everyone informed.

3. Maintain an Updated Contact List: Ensure that all staff and tenants have access to a list of emergency contacts, including utility companies, after-hours maintenance staff, and management team members.

Quick and Effective Communication

1. Responsive Communication Systems: Implement a 24/7 communication line for tenants to report emergencies. Consider using property management software that allows tenants to report issues via an app.

2. Immediate Acknowledgment: Once an emergency is reported, acknowledge it immediately, even if the solution is not instantly available. This reassures tenants that their issue is being addressed.

Training and Preparation

1. Regular Training: Conduct regular training sessions with your team on handling and prioritizing emergency situations. This includes hands-on practice in managing high-pressure situations.

2. Emergency Drills: Regular drills involving both staff and tenants can prepare everyone for actual emergencies, making the real-life handling of these situations more efficient.

3. Adequate Resources: Always have access to the necessary tools and equipment to address common emergencies. This includes maintaining a well-stocked toolbox and having backup systems for critical services like water and power.

Building Relationships with Contractors

1. Vet Contractors: Have a trusted list of professional contractors who can handle various emergencies. Ensure these contractors are licensed, insured, and reliable.

2. Negotiate Agreements: Establish agreements with contractors to ensure they are available after hours and understand the level of urgency required for tenant emergencies.

3. Regular Maintenance: Prevent emergencies before they occur with regular and thorough maintenance checks. This can reduce the frequency of emergencies and maintenance costs over time.

Legal Compliance and Documentation

1. Understand Landlord Responsibilities: Be well-versed in local laws regarding landlord and tenant responsibilities for repairs and maintenance.

2. Document Everything: Keep detailed records of all communications, repairs, and follow-up actions related to emergencies. This documentation can be crucial for insurance claims and legal protection.

Technology Integration

Leverage technology to streamline emergency management. Use property management software to track repair requests, communicate with tenants, and manage contractor information. Additionally, invest in smart home technologies that can alert both tenants and managers to potential issues like water leaks or electrical faults before they escalate into emergencies.


Handling emergency repairs requires a well-organized approach that prioritizes quick response times and effective solutions. By establishing a robust protocol, training staff, maintaining good relationships with contractors, and using technology wisely, property managers can ensure that they handle these situations as efficiently as possible.

At Atlantic Property Management, we understand the importance of efficiently managing emergency repairs to maintain the integrity of the properties we manage and ensure the satisfaction and safety of our tenants. Contact us today to learn how our professional property management services can help you keep your property in top condition, no matter what challenges arise.

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